Thursday, 14 October 2010

I heart nerds!!!!

I luv nerds (but not in a crush way like in a lol-worthy their SO FUNNY way)! i just luv the way they have those funky (my new word) glasses that they always move up and down and how they r all lanky and tall and the way they snort when the giggle! and they r all little harry high pants peps! THE ONE THINGS I DON'T LIKE IS PIMPLEY NERDS! they r kinda gross! BUT ANYWAY, i luv how they always have WAY to much hair gel in (or maybe it is just oily hair...EWWW)! and they walk around like little groupies! LOL! and their FABTABULOUS fashion sense! wanna hear a story??? of course u do! WELL, it was a free dress day at school and all the geeks were walking around their little group snorting and pushing up their glasses but their was one coming up to me! LOL! ok, guess what he said! WRONG! he was all like "feel my pants" and I was all like "no way hose ay!" then he was all like "my name is elliot... come on...feel my pants!!" so i was all like "kk, u better not be all sweaty" then for the first time I looked at his PANTS! they looked like towel material and they were yellow and blue and all stripy! AND THEY HAD READ STARS ON THEM!!!!LOL! so i bent over and felt his pants! they WERE TOWEL MATERIAL! and he starts giggling and snorting and goes and rushes off to his little nerdy biffls! and then they all start snorting!! LOL! and i'm not making this up...its all true...there just wasn't as much snorting in real life but i like typing snorting so I put them in more! LOL! here is a random piccie of a nerd!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lil Babies and Old Ladies

post 3! bet ur loling away by now, just waiting for me to make u lol some more! but the problem one has subscribed to me! U rn't paying for it! ITS SO EASY! please please please follow me so I know I made someone happy! AND IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW ME THAN I'LL BE SAD, THEN I WON'T BE ABLE TO POST ANY MORE! and it will be all your fault for not subscribing, even though its free! don't you like free things!

on a happier note though, who likes babies! I DO, THEY R SO CUTE! who likes their grandma? I DO, SHE IS SO SWEET! so put lil babies and old ladies together and you'll have a hell of a time! ENJOY...

OMG! The 2nd Post!



here is the story behind it..
In English we had to do a poem about me and my biffls decided we will get some "ideas" (shh) about what to write!!!! we went onto the pictures part of google to find some with pretty piccies behind it and we found this! WE NEARLY WET OURSELVES LAUGHING!!! enjoy....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

wet animals! soz 4 the wet animal protesters!

ok! so hopefully everyone here luvs animals! if they don't then (excuse my french) they're really big silly billies! but the one thing i lol @ more than a animal is a wet animal! no animals have been harmed (only wettened) in the making of this post! and rememb3r...DON'T FORGET TO LOL WHEN NECESSARY!